Anti-Discrimination Law For Homosexuals Is Bogus

By Theodore Shoebat

As you well know, I completely reject the idea of absolute equality (I only accept equality before the law, and equality of opportunity) and I also believe that this notion of anti-discrmination law is a mask for the  sinister intention of persecuting Christians in the civilized world (which Christianity formed).

If a reverend or priest refuses to do a homosexual wedding, the sodomites deem him worthy of punishment, and thats exactly whats going to happen in areas where these anti-discrimination laws have been implemented. I would prefer to call such legislation “Sodomite blasphemy law.”

But how far do these sodomites want to take it? Why can’t I be president? Because I am under the age of thirty-five. Well, thats age-discrimination, there should be a law against that. And lets not forget, the executive branch of office was institutionalized, just like marriage was institutionalized. We should change this archaic and outdated institution into a vibrant and vivified one, where youths could add colorful spectrum to the branch of power.

Any sodomite man can become a part of the institution of marriage, he just needs to marry a woman. But he doesn’t want to, he wants to rape the entire system, and transform it into something else.

Why can’t everybody be president, why only one person? Because thats the way the presidential institution was founded. Thats discrimination, all people should be president. Why should one man have a position that we as a whole society cannot all share equally? There should be a law made against that.

Now lets take this a step farther. The sodomites say that we are the absolutist bigots for wanting to keep marriage in its institutionalized form of one man and one woman. But they want to reduce marriage to just “two people who love each other.”

Now lets says that a Mormon, or a Muslim, wishes to have four (or twenty) wives, the sodomite may argue that thats not “two people who love each other”; but in this case the homosexual has now made an established rule. The sodomite is just as absolutist for his decayed and vindictive view of marriage, as we are for our pure view of marriage.

Now if they do wish to reduce it to “two people who love each other,” what about a man and a young child who consensually wish to marry? Who is the homosexual to say that those two should not be together. What is the regular sodomite going to argue, that its “unnatural?”

Then he’ll be arguing for a tradition which he has founded, with the same energy (maybe even more so) as the Christian fundamentalist defends his view on Christian tradition.

We are all fundamentalists. Everyone has a belief which he strives to defend, and in the end, one creed always wins. This is why we cannot compromise. Compromise is only giving your enemy the leeway to advance in the battle. Compromise leads to death.

Now, lets listen to some music composed by Christians who, if they lived today, would never compromise with these reprobates.

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