Sodomite Agenda Coming Into Fruition

By Theodore Shoebat 

In a later article of mine, in which I warned on the sodomite agenda, I wrote on how the homosexuals will go after wedding planners who refuse to organize a sodomite wedding:

If a pastor refuses to conduct a homosexual wedding, he will be punished, the same would go for a wedding planner who wishes not to organize a sodomite wedding.

Well, there is a new story in which a Mennonite wedding facility is being sued by the state of Iowa’s Civil Rights Commission, for their denying to have a homosexual marriage conducted, a decision which of course springs from their Christian faith.

This is being done in the name of “civil rights,” well, what about the right to discriminate? I don’t believe in discriminating people based on their race, I am talking about ideologies and wicked beliefs which deserve our discernment, and our censorship. The liberty for evil only gives the advantage to the wicked for them to take away the liberty of the good.

Sodomitism is an ideology, a belief system, which is guaranteed freedom by the US government, but seeks to end the freedom of Christians. It is  based on a corruption of the natural order, it is grotesquely erroneous, and does not deserve freedom, for error has no right.

With this recent story, all I can say is this: Outlaw the sodomite before the sodomite outlaws you.

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Why I do not accept religious tolerance, in a few words

When I peruse the records of man, beginning with the advent of Christianity, I see throughout its withering pages numerous sects relentlessly warring with the Church.

The earliest Christians peaceably lived and preached, and as time went on, they received the sword of the pagan emperors.

After their holy creed was legalized, they had to suffer under the persecution of the Persian Zoroastrians, and war commenced between Christendom and Persia.

Once the Persian heathens were defeated, Islam arose, and countless of the saints were slaughtered by the Mohammedan horde.

In the modern era, which is our own, the Deists arose and declared a new god, one which is cold and absent of affection, and once these men thrived, France was overrun with mobs, its streets flooded with blood, and the Faith oppressed.

What with such a history, what sane Christian would ever believe in religious tolerance?