A Refreshing Message From A Reader

As those of you who read my material know, I have written several articles against the cult of Glenn Beck, and also the cult of secular conservatism. I received this  comment from a reader,  and found it very refreshing:

Prior to reading Therodore’s articles I was a subscriber to GBTV. I wanted to know what Glenn had to say about those who were calling the shots in our nation. Glenn exposed the communists and those connected to the web of lies. BUT, I also knew in the back of my mind that I VERY much disagreed with his biblical theology. After reading Theodore’s articles I had to make a decision. Do I support GBTV for the sake of America or do I choose to support Christ and the truth of the bible? I can no longer, in good conscience, give financial support to GBTV no matter what amount of good for the secular is accomplished. I can no longer justify jeopardizing the souls of the unsuspecting that will hear the heresy of universalism.

I wish more and more people would place Christianity over Beck and the borderline Mormon cult following that surrounds him.