Ancient Protestants Fought Against Ancient Muslims — A Call For Unity

By Theodore Shoebat 

While the Christians of antiquity called themselves Catholic, there was a sect who rejected the legitimacy of the Papacy, on account that it reaccepted lapsed Christians who, out of fear, gave sacrifices to pagan gods during the early persecutions. These were called Novatians.

One could argue that these were the ancient equivalent to the Protestants, since they did not hold anti-Christian doctrines, as the Arians (who denied Christ’s divinity) or the Macedonians (who rejected the Holy Spirit as God), but subscribed to orthodox beliefs such as the Trinity and the Incarnation.

Regardless of this, there was enmity between the Catholics and the Novatians, and there seemed to be no prospect of them ever having concord with another, until a persecution came, and it was from an enemy who held indignation for both of them more than they had hatred for each other. These were the Arians.

The Arians, who were really the precursors to Muslims, were founded by one Arius, a fourth century presbyter in Egypt who denied the divinity of Christ, and who would later become one of the major influencers for the false prophet Muhammad, though the Arabian heretic and founder of Islam lived centuries after the death of Arius.

After Arius perished, Arianism had already infiltrated the Roman government, and over half of the empire was Arian, including the emperor, Constantius. A fervent follower of Arianism, Macedonius, was given license by the Roman king to exile and punish the bishops who did not accept Arianism; the mindset of these were no different than the Muslims today who conduct reminiscent persecutions against Christians .

The Arians began to inflict Catholics with numerous calamities, but their tyranny was not confined to only them, but also to the Novatians, regardless of the fact that they, like the Protestants, were not members of the Church, because they still, also like the Protestants, believed in the Holy Trinity.

The Arians were savage in their bloodlust; they took Novatian women and sawed off their breasts, and burnt the flesh of those resistant to their impiety.

In Constantinople, the Arians demolished many churches, both Catholic and Novatian, for their upholding of the Holy Trinity. The Novatian church in Cyzicus was as well destroyed, and after this the Arians headed toward a Novatian area in Paphlagonia. Now, it must be remembered that these Arians were not just wild zealots thirsty for blood, but trained warriors in the Roman army who converted to Arianism, and who were now being used by the heretics to extinguish the Christians.

When the Novatians heard of their coming, they armed themselves with hooks, hatchets, and whatever weapons they could possess. The army of heretical soldiers arrived and a battle ensued; the Novatians fought with great valiancy and zeal, and slew the great majority of the Arians.

It came to a point, within this great persecution, that Catholics and Novatians united, and even attended the same churches together in unison and concord one with another against the conspired violence of the Arian heretics.

The power of the Arian heresy was most effectively crushed by the Christian Roman Empire in a great war against the Vandals, who were slaughtering Christians for their belief in the Trinity, thanks to the formidable general, Belisarius. Eventually the same heretics were vanquished in Italy, Spain, and France, and orthodoxy was again reestablished.

But then in Arabia,  a land not under the influence or jurisdiction of Christendom, an Arian monk met with an  Arabian pagan, taught him his unitarian interpretations of the Scriptures, and the man would then adopt Arianism and build on it the heresy of all heresies. This Arabian was Muhammad, and his sect was Islam.

The Muslim attack upon Christendom is no different today. Muhammad was the most infamous student of Arianism, and today Christians are still being killed, and their churches destroyed, by these Arians who call themselves Muslims.

The haters of the Trinity will always seek the destruction of those who still believe that Christ is God in the flesh, regardless if you are Catholic or Protestant.

This struggle between Christian and Muslim is an eternal war, between the Unitarian and the Trinitarian, which has been lasting for innumerable centuries, and our only resolve will be to unite in the name of that most sacred Trinity, which will forever more be the vanquisher of the followers of the crescent.

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(1) This entire account of the Arian persecution was procured from Socrates, Ecclesiastical History, 2.38


Antichrist Nation Of Turkey Pushing For War Against Syria

By Theodore Shoebat

The fiery river of the Islamic heresy is about to erupt, and the holders of the Cross will be the greatest sufferers. Turkey is fiercely accentuating and intensifying their call for military intervention against Syria.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan  made this demand quite clear when he stated:

“A limited intervention against Syria won’t satisfy us. It should be like in Kosovo. You can’t come, hit for a day or two and leave. It must lead to surrender of the regime.”

He then said that Turkey is “ready to take part in any kind of coalition against Syria.” On September 16th the Turks shot down a Syrian helicopter when it was just 2 minutes in Turkish airspace. Turkey admitted that they attacked “hastily,” and Syria’s official news agency, SANA, pointed out that this is “proof of real intention of the Erdogan government to escalate tensions on the border of two countries.”

Turkey, like America, has been providing substantial amounts of weaponry to the jihadists for their violent incursions in Syria, which would include slaughtering Christians. The  former Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey and a close friend of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Abdullatif Sener, made a very revealing statement in which he said:

“The Erdogan government has sent a large volume of heavy weapons to the terrorist group, the al-Nusra Front, affiliated to the al-Qaeda in Syria and this is while even the US has listed the al-Nusra as a terrorist group”

Reports inform us that the the Turkish capital city of Ankara has sent 400 tons of arms, provided by gulf states, to the murderous jihadists. Just recently, the Syrian military destroyed numerous trucks, which were filled with weapons in Turkey, on al-Raqqah-Aleppo road in al-Wazih, al-Atareb and Oroum al-Soqra districts.

From all of this, it is obvious that Turkey is provoking and providing for, the supplanting of the Assad regime, in favor of the terrorists, and ultimately, for the utter destruction of Christianity in the Middle East. Now all of the signs are leading to NATO getting in intervention in Syria. NATO’s secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, made the prospect for a military strike quite clear, when he said that

“military option should still be on the table, because I think it can underpin a diplomatic and political process”

He affirmed that a physical attack, on the part of NATO, would not be possible unless one of its members, such as Turkey, was attacked. This indicates that Turkey will be looking for any reason to convince NATO to intervene. With this in mind, expect Turkey to find an excuse to justify an attack on Syria. It is the nation of antichrist, and is continuously pursuing and conniving for the slaughter of the saints. 

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Death To The Beast Of Indifferentism!

By Theodore Shoebat

Oh Christians, do you not know of the plans of the heretics?

How they wish to destroy the Faith through deception, 

through false doctrine, through sophisms? 

My heart breaks at the sight of your indifferentism

because behind those false facades, of ‘tolerance,’

of ‘equality,’ of ‘free thought’ and of ‘liberty’,

  are wolves frothing at the mouth, just waiting 

for the right moment to make martyrs out of you,

and laugh, and mock, and scoff, at the very Faith 

which you care little for. 

Enough with your boastings, that you are tolerant and open minded,

these are but masks to cover your apathy before the sacred.

If you wish not to partake in this duel to the death, this duel of Faith,

then stay silent, and cease your attempt to hinder the fiery ardour of the zealots.

The heretics plan to destroy us,

and connive false friendships and perceptions of peace,

as Cain did before he slew the first martyr.


They dream of the days when we are in the midst of their killing fields, 

and they, with cruel smiles, laugh at us,

declare that Christ never saved us, and that the Cross is nothing.

And as they dream this utopia of hell, the indifferentist choose to live in polite fiction,

and they tell the zealots to cease speaking of fighting,

of this eternal war between the Cross and the Crescent,

before the Mark of God and the Mark of the Beast,

between the Bride of Christ and the harlot of the devil,

and little do they know that they,

despite their diplomacy with the enemy,

 are not exempt from this war,

for they do not know, nor do they realize,

that it will also be between those with zeal and those with out,

and in the end a sword will strike the beast of indifferentism

and  the wound will bleed the monster finally to death. 

Anti-Discrimination Law For Homosexuals Is Bogus

By Theodore Shoebat

As you well know, I completely reject the idea of absolute equality (I only accept equality before the law, and equality of opportunity) and I also believe that this notion of anti-discrmination law is a mask for the  sinister intention of persecuting Christians in the civilized world (which Christianity formed).

If a reverend or priest refuses to do a homosexual wedding, the sodomites deem him worthy of punishment, and thats exactly whats going to happen in areas where these anti-discrimination laws have been implemented. I would prefer to call such legislation “Sodomite blasphemy law.”

But how far do these sodomites want to take it? Why can’t I be president? Because I am under the age of thirty-five. Well, thats age-discrimination, there should be a law against that. And lets not forget, the executive branch of office was institutionalized, just like marriage was institutionalized. We should change this archaic and outdated institution into a vibrant and vivified one, where youths could add colorful spectrum to the branch of power.

Any sodomite man can become a part of the institution of marriage, he just needs to marry a woman. But he doesn’t want to, he wants to rape the entire system, and transform it into something else.

Why can’t everybody be president, why only one person? Because thats the way the presidential institution was founded. Thats discrimination, all people should be president. Why should one man have a position that we as a whole society cannot all share equally? There should be a law made against that.

Now lets take this a step farther. The sodomites say that we are the absolutist bigots for wanting to keep marriage in its institutionalized form of one man and one woman. But they want to reduce marriage to just “two people who love each other.”

Now lets says that a Mormon, or a Muslim, wishes to have four (or twenty) wives, the sodomite may argue that thats not “two people who love each other”; but in this case the homosexual has now made an established rule. The sodomite is just as absolutist for his decayed and vindictive view of marriage, as we are for our pure view of marriage.

Now if they do wish to reduce it to “two people who love each other,” what about a man and a young child who consensually wish to marry? Who is the homosexual to say that those two should not be together. What is the regular sodomite going to argue, that its “unnatural?”

Then he’ll be arguing for a tradition which he has founded, with the same energy (maybe even more so) as the Christian fundamentalist defends his view on Christian tradition.

We are all fundamentalists. Everyone has a belief which he strives to defend, and in the end, one creed always wins. This is why we cannot compromise. Compromise is only giving your enemy the leeway to advance in the battle. Compromise leads to death.

Now, lets listen to some music composed by Christians who, if they lived today, would never compromise with these reprobates.

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Christians Butchered In Guinea, But There Is Something You Can Do About It

By Theodore Shoebat

Great havoc and violence has arisen in Guinea, in which a substantial amount of churches have been destroyed, and a immense amount of Christians have been killed. Jihadist provoked violence left ninety-five people dead, and a hundred and thirty wounded.

In Nzérékoré, five churches have been attacked and looted, and the homes of four pastors attacked by Muslim mobs. One priest, Fr. Joseph, recounted the violence:

The two Catholic and Protestant churches have all been ransacked and burned … Almost all the houses and shops belonging to Christians or people affiliated with Christians, have not escaped the fury of attackers.

Within the Catholic area, including the quarters of the nuns and the Presbyter, were looted and set to flames. Moreover, in Beyla, The Center for Youth Development, a conference room, an internet cafe, a primary school and a library, were ravaged and devastated.

Beyla’s regional deputy of health services, Dr. Tolon Loua, was killed during the violence, as Fr. Joseph says:

He was inside of his house when the assailants arrived and set it on fire … Badly burned, he was transported to the hospital where he was later declared dead.

In Moribadou violence lasted for three days, in which about 10 churches were destroyed.

Now, while it is important that we focus on this persecution, more needs to be done than just reading about it. This article is a request for those who are donating money to Rescue Christians, or would like to, to give what you can so that we can help the Christians in Guinea.

Currently we are rescuing and preserving Christians in Pakistan, but we desire greatly to expand into other countries where Christians are suffering. The more people we help, the more money that is needed. So we ask that you give, and we promise that all the money will go directly into helping the persecuted.